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View some of my games with an on-line chessboard
(Plus all games of the Man vs Machine matches and the last Kasparov - Karpov challenge)

The chess study's corner : chess studies are a fascinating mix between an enigma (for who wants to find the move) and an artistic challenge (for the composer). Here are presented some chess positions (more or less famous) taken from chess studies and games which have been won by incredible moves: here the player becomes a real "artist of the chessboard". Difficulty is increasing from the first to the last position.

Free e-books: in order to improve your playing strength, study using this free material.

Play chess online for free against this Flash software or against other people all over the world, or download this game * written in QuickBASIC Windows® 64 bit compatible!

Brass chess sets: view and order online these beautiful brass and aluminium chess sets, for chess passionates and collectors.

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* Authors: Dean Menezes, OlDosLover
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