Sysepub 0.9.0   Sysepub 0.9.0 alpha      NEW!!
Graphical User Interface (GUI) version
(Includes the class files, the java source code and the full documentation)
released: 22 Oct 2002    size: 81 KB

Sysepub 0.8.1   Sysepub 0.8.1 alpha
released: 25 Sep 2002    size: 43 KB

If the next phrases sound a bit obscure try reading the Sysepub manual.
Sysepub requires a Java Virtual Machine (version 1.2 or higher recommended). If you don't have it on your system, you can download JDK or JRE from Sun's Java site.
- you can store the random arrays in the Sysepub/publicKey directory every time, so that the length of pubKey will grow on and on. Moreover, in this way you can send a public key that is shorter than the message (if the pubKey length is enough). Anyway, A and B must keep synchronized their Sysepub/publicKey.
- The Sysepub Pseudo-Random Number Generator (PRNG) is initialized with the secret seed. In order to obtain every time a different 'prs' the PRNG can change seed (starting from the secret seed and adding every time a different integer). The period value in the configuration file tells how often the PRNG will authomatically change seed. The default is 1 day, so if you try to decipher the ciphertext 2 days after it was made, you won't make it (from version 0.9.0 it's possible to go back and recover the plaintext). If you only want to test the algorithm just set the value for period in ssp.cfg to 1000 days for example, that's enough.
- My original idea was to put in the Sysepub/publicKey directory some files downloaded from the internet every day, like the messages of a newsgroup (like alt.anonymous.messages) or the picture of the day that can be found in many sites. In this way A and B don't need to send the public key to each other. This could be also a good method (but these files aren't really random).

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